With the wedding season fast approaching, we thought it would be the perfect time to share Steph’s Sodashi Story with you all.

Steph started using Sodashi 4 months before her wedding earlier this year. Her goal, like many brides, was to have the healthiest, glowing and radiant skin on her wedding day.

Steph shared her wonderful Sodashi experience with us below.

Why did you decide to use Sodashi?

I started using Sodashi 4 months before my wedding, I had a very limited skincare routine before I started, I would cleanse, moisturise and sometimes use a mask or a serum. I was looking for a natural brand that would give me the best and healthiest skin on the day, I had heard about the products from a friend so I thought I’d give it a try.

Which products did you use leading up to your wedding and why?

My skin is generally a combination, it’s dry in parts with an oily T zone. So I went with the Balancing Range (Cleanser, Moisturiser, Skin Boost, Serum) and Brightening Marine Mineral Mask.

Tell us about your Sodashi experience

I instantly fell in love with the products! My skin felt softer, more hydrated and I started to see a few fine lines and wrinkles disappearing. My makeup artist commented on how easy my makeup was to apply on my skin and how few blemishes I had.

There’s not one product I could live without now. I love them all, they all play an important part in my skincare routine. They smell amazing and I actually get excited to use them each morning and night!

Recommendations for a bride-to-be?

I would highly recommend the Brightening Marine Mineral Mask, I did this once a week leading up to the wedding and also the night before. The Clay Cleanser with Lime smells amazing and hydrates your skin rather than making it dry and tight like previous brands I had tried. To be honest, once you try one product you want them all!


Shop Steph’s top picks


Brightening Marine Mineral Mask
Instant glow-inducing weekly treatment,
that detoxifies and brightens the skin.


Clay Cleanser with Lime
A hydrating cleanser to balance the skin’s pH and oil production while promoting new skin cell renewal.



Balancing Face and Neck Moisturiser 
A light weight day and night moisturiser that
balances oil production and revitalises the skin.


Balancing Serum
A light-weight serum that heals, balances oil and
hydrates the skin.

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