We asked Sodashi Founder Megan Larsen about the benefits of meditation.

People often ask me how I manage the stress of running my own global business and a very demanding travel schedule. And my answer is always meditation.

Since the age of 33, I’ve been I meditating twice a day, morning and night almost without fail (nobody’s perfect!). For me, it provides profound rest and amazing stress relief. It raises my performance, boosts my creativity and enables me to deal more calmly with tense or stressful situations. This I know when I compare my approach to situations now to that of my pre-33 self!

I find it so beneficial that I give every member of the Sodashi team the opportunity to learn to meditate when they join the company. Every day we gather together in the boardroom at 3 pm to meditate as a group. It has now become an integral part of the Sodashi culture.

And according to the Harvard Gazette, people who meditate have bigger brains! Have a look at the article here.

Their study, albeit small, revealed that experienced meditators boasted increased thickness in parts of the brain that deal with attention and processing sensory input. That’s wonderful for me, my team and my business! And I agree with the author, further independent research needs to be conducted into the benefits of meditation to encourage more people to take up the practice to gain the wellbeing benefits it provides.

My stress relief tips:

  1. Get meditating – you won’t look back!
  2. Schedule regular ‘self-care’ time
  3. Drink calming Auyvedic Vata tea
  4. Dab a good quality Lavender essential oil on your pulse points
  5. Spritz yourself with Sodashi’s Calming Rose Face Mist

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