The most enticing aromas have the power to not only transform the present moment but also transport you to another place or to a very particular memory. They are all-encompassing and often powerfully mood-shifting.


The power of a scent is certainly not new. The first aromatherapy practices were used in Ancient Rome, Greece, India, China and Egypt, and the effect of aromas has experienced a resurgence as this practice collided with the mainstream wellness industry.

In acknowledgement of Valentine’s Day, we have curated our ‘who’s who’ of divinely-scented Sodashi favourites.


  1. Body Brilliance Cream

Close your eyes and you’re in the Bahamas.

A true olfactory love affair from day one, the Body Brilliance Cream journey started with a sample we received from a Vanilla grower in Madagascar. Even a few drops of this richly aromatic essential oil were enough to offer us momentary passage to a tropical, palm-tree lined beach!

A known antioxidant, which boasts healing properties for dry, dehydrated and mature skin, Vanilla blends with Coconut, Jojoba and Avocado Oils to deliver sumptuous, age-defying benefits.

The aroma is musky, creamy, light and delicate.

Will appeal to: someone who loves a sophisticated vanilla-y hit, without the overwhelming sweet punch.


  1. Calming Rose Face Mist

Hailing from the Isparta Valley; the Rose Capital of Turkey, our pure Damask Rose Oil really boasts a $10,000 aroma (but really, this incredible oil is of such a high quality that it costs $10,000 per kg to purchase – wow!). And, whilst we only use a few carefully blended drops of this beautiful oil in our best-selling Calming Rose Face Mist, the aroma is utterly intoxicating and defiantly Rose-forward.

‘Smells like Turkish Delight (who doesn’t want that?)’

-Margaret Zhang, Luxury Blogger.


Paired with Vitamin E, this Damask Rose infused Face Mist is divinely soothing and healing for sensitive, irritated or dehydrated skin.

The perfect gift to your Valentine or as an uplifting treat for yourself, it is no surprise that our Calming Rose Face Mist is a perennial best-seller.

Will appeal to: literally anyone with a nose.


  1. Radiance Aroma Blend

Now, it wouldn’t be an aroma-themed lust list without one of our aroma blends!

Combining Grapefruit, Juniper and Cypress, our Radiance Aroma Blend is an olfactory symphony to really engage the senses while relieving physical tension and clearing the mind of negative thoughts.

Conveniently multi-use, you can experience the extraordinary effects of this blend by adding a few drops into your bath or aroma burner.

Will appeal to: anyone with a penchant for citrus, or those who love refreshing and uplifting aromas.


  1. Arabian Oud Body Oil

Our most coveted Body Oil, our Arabian Oud Body Oil was specifically formulated for the Middle Eastern market, whose undying affection for Oud is known far and wide (and has been for centuries).

This intoxicating-ly rich woody smell, which boasts aniseed-y, leathery undertones, is highly comforting and grounding.

Deeply calming and soothing for the nervous system, Oud has a profound ability to release stored emotions and is the perfect tonic for fatigue or stress. Add a few tablespoons of this luxurious oil to your bath to induce the deepest, most rejuvenating sleep. Perfect for massage!

Will appeal to: people who love the smell of old books or masculine, woody aromas.

5. eGift Voucher

Not sure what to get your love? No problem! Our eGift Vouchers are easy to buy and can be delivered straight to your loved one’s email inbox. Choose a value between $50 and $1000 AUD to give the gorgeous gift of beautiful skin.


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