As the wellness movement grows, so do the number of questions we get on what these amazing botanical ingredients are, how they can be safely used and which essential oils offer the best support for wellbeing and the skin.


In acknowledgement of these questions, we have put together the ultimate Sodashi guide so you can tap into the wonderful world of essential oils!


First thing’s first; what is an essential oil?

Essential Oils are a pure distillation or expression from plants. 70 times more potent than the plant they come from, Essential Oils can have powerful effects on the body and mind. Due to this potency, it is also important that these ingredients are used with great respect and in a safe manner.



We have been using essential oils as active ingredients in Sodashi skincare for almost 20-years, not only due to the powerful skincare benefits they offer (for example, brightening and anti-aging benefits) but also for their calming, mood-enhancing properties.

We believe that the benefits of well-blended essential oils equal more than the sum of their parts (1 + 1 = 3!).

Creating synergies of complementary essential oils to amplifies the individual benefits of these amazing ingredients.



While diluted essential oils can be applied topically to the skin, the aroma of small amounts of essential oils can also provide wellbeing benefits– simply add a few drops to an aroma burner to reap the benefits in this manner. Please note that we would always recommend diluting pure essential oils in a carrier oil such as Almond, Apricot Kernel or Jojoba.  For a healthy adult, our recommended dilution ratio is 2 drops of essential oil to every 5ml of carrier oil.

While all Sodashi products contain safe, diluted concentrations of essential oils, if you are pregnant, trying to conceive or nursing, we would recommend avoiding undiluted or high concentrations of essential oils unless under the supervision of a qualified Aromatherapist.



As these beautiful botanical extracts are highly potent, it is recommended you keep the below in mind when using and/or purchasing Essential Oils.

  • Always purchase from a reputable supplier who educates in the safe use of essential oils.
  • Avoid synthetic oils – 60% of what you apply to your skin is absorbed into the bloodstream so it’s important all that ingredients are as pure and natural as possible.
  • If you are applying essential oils to the skin, make sure that you dilute these first in a carrier oil such as Coconut, Macadamia or Almond.
  • Do not apply citrus oils (such as Lemon or Bergamot) directly to the skin before exposure to UV rays. As Citrus essential oils cause photosensitivity, this kind of exposure can result in pigmentation damage.


Although essential oils combat a myriad of physical and emotional concerns, the most common recommendation request we receive are those to remedy feelings of anxiety, those to offer relaxation and those to aid concentration.


  • Anxiety

A highly prized oil of Middle Eastern Origin, Oud Oil has a profound ability to release stored emotions, soothe and calm the nervous system and bring about a deep sense of renewal and stress relief.

We recommend: Arabian Oud Body Oil


  • Relaxation

When it comes to remedying feelings of stress or persistent worry, one of our most effective recommendations will always be…Chamomile.

Traditionally consumed in tea, this incredible ingredient has been used to soothe the mind, remedy insomnia and reduce stress since Ancient Egyptian times.

We recommend: Gentle Repair White Clay Mask and Calming Serum.


  • Concentration

Living in such a busy, fast-paced and over stimulating world, it’s easy to understand why focus so frequently evades us.

To promote concentration, Peppermint Essential Oil offers an energy boost and stimulating effect for the mind. This refreshing oil also reduces any fuzziness in the mind and relieves pain from stress headaches.

We recommend: Jet Lag Recovery Kit.


If you have any questions on essential oils, please feel free to get in touch with us at [email protected].


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